JNTU Question Papers–I B.Tech Regular Exams–Physical Chemistry–May/Jun 2008

JNTU Question Paper

I B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008



1. How is the equilibrium constant determined from distribution coefficient.

2. (a) State the phase rule and discuss the derivation of the phase rule.

(b) Apply phase rule to a one component system having more than one triple point.

3. Explain the influence of solvent on reaction rates.

4. (a) Explain in detail the mechanism of electro-osmosis with a neat sketch.

(b) Colligative properties of colloids.

5. (a) Describe the measurement of Transport numbers by Hittrof’s method.

(b) by moving Boundary method.

6. (a) Describe the process of measurement of e.m.f. by potentiometer with neat diagram.

(b) For the cell reaction Zn+ Fe+2$Zn2+ + Fe, Calculate the relative concentration of Zn2+ + and Fe+2 at which the overall cell e.m.f. becomes zero. E0Fe2+, Fe = -0.0440V and EZn2+, Zn = -0.760V. [8+8]

7. (a) Discuss the types of reactions in catalytic reactor.

(b) List out the representative catalysts.

8. Explain the following :

(a) Linear scan polarography

(b) Pulse polarography.

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