JNTU question paper B-Tech II Semester Examinations, Software testing methodologies, Aug/Sep 2008

JNTU III B.Tech II Semester Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008


( Common to Computer Science & Engineering and Information



1. (a) Why is it impossble for a tester to find all the bugs in a system? Why might it not be necessary for a program to be completely free of defects before it is delivered to its customers?

(b) To what extent can testing be used to validate that the program is fit for its purpose? Discuss.


2. (a) What is meant by statement testing and branch testing? Give suitable examples.

(b) State and explain various path selection rules for path testing.


3. (a) What is meant by data-flow model? Discuss various components of it.

(b) Explain the All-c-uses/ some-p-uses (ACU+P) strategy in data-flow testing

with a suitable example.


4. (a) Explain clearly how one dimensional domains are tested.

(b) Discuss about equality and inequality predicates. Also explain how they are treated in domain testing.


5. (a) Discuss path sum and path product.

(b) Discuss in brief the applications of paths.


6. (a) Minimize the function using Karnaugh Map method:

F(A,B,C,D)= P(1,2,3,8,9,10,11,14)+ Pd(7,15)

(b) Demonstrate by means of truth tables the validity of the following theorems of Boolean algebra:

i. Associative laws

ii. Demorgans theorems for three variables

iii. Distributive law of + over


7. Write short notes on:

(a) Transition bugs

(b) Dead states

(c) State bugs

(d) Encoding bugs


8. What are graph matrices and their applications?

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