JNTU previous year question papers | B-Tech | Human computer interaction, Aug/Sep 2008

JNTU B.Tech Examinations


 (Information Technology)

Answer any FIVE Questions

All Questions carry equal marks


1. (a) Discuss the history of screen deisgn

(b) Compare a 1970’s screen, a 1980’s screen, and a 1990’s and beyond screen



2. (a) Discuss about data objects, container objects, and device objects

(b) Discuss the following object relationships

i. Collections

ii. Constraints

iii. Composites

iv. Containers

(c) Explain about attributes of an object [6+6+4]


3. What is meant by basic business functions? Discuss indetail the process of determining basic business functions [16]


4. State and explain various qualities which provides visually pleasing composition

and give suitable examples for each quality [16]


5. Identify the characteristics and capabilities of the following screen-based controls.

(a) Text entry / read-only controls.

(b) Combination entry / selection control.

(c) Custom controls. [16]


6. (a) What is image map? What is its use? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

(b) What is meant by combining mediums? What are its characteristics? [8+8]


7. Describe the following specification methods.

(a) Grammers

(b) Transition diagrams. [8+8]


8. Give a detailed note about direct control pointing devices. [16]

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