JNTU previous year question papers – B -Tech Examinations – Computer graphics- Aug/Sep 2008

JNTU III B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008


(Computer Science & Engineering)


1. List the operating characterstics of

(a) Raster refresh systems

(b) Vector refresh systems

(c) Plasma panel

(d) LCDs.


2. (a) Explain the mathematical procedure in deciding the points on the periphery

of the ellipse using mid-point ellipse algorithm.

(b) Illustrate the properties of ellipse which are considered in efficient generation

of ellipse using mid-point method.


3. (a) Derive the transformation matrix for rotation about origin.

(b) Explain the terms:

i. Homogeneous Coordinates

ii. Rigid-body transformations

iii. Composite transformations.


4. (a) What are the stages involved in Window-to-viewport coordinate transformation. Explain about each stage.

(b) What is the procedure followed in point clipping with respect to a rectangular



5. If the equation for a plane surface is expressed in the form Ax+By+Cz+D=0.

Explain the procedure to calculate the parameters A, B, C and D using Cramer’s

rule if the three successive polygon vertices are given as input.


6. (a) What is the procedure for reflecting an about an arbitrarily selected plane.

(b) What are the characterstics of perspective projections?


7. (a) Distinguish between object-space and image space methods of visible surface

detection algorithms. Give examples for each.

(b) Given points P (1, 2, 0), P (3, 6, 20) P (2, 4, 6) and a view point C (0, 0, -10),

determine which points obscure the others when viewed from C.


8. (a) List and explain about the steps of animation.

(b) What are the various types of interpolation used in animation.

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