JNTU Previous Question papers Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis Feb 2008

JNTU Previous Question papers-

Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis

Feb 2008 Set-II


1. What is Managerial Economics? Explain its focus areas.
2. (a) What do you understand by Elasticity of demand. How is it classified.
(b) Determine price elasticity of demand given that the quantity demanded of a product is 1000 units when the price is Rs. 100 and when the price declines to Rs.90, demand increases to 1500 units.
3. (a) Distinguish between the following:
i. Average cost and Marginal cost
ii. Explicit cost and implicit cost
iii. Short run Average cost and Long run Average cost
iv. Variable cost and semi variable cost
(b) Diagrammatically represent the relationship between Average Fixed Cost, Average variable cost, Unit cost and Marginal cost.
4. (a) What are the salient features of Monopoly?
(b) In what different aspects monopoly is distinct from perfect competition.
5. What are the factors that affect the choice and form of a business organization?
6. Explain different types of working capital.
7. Give a brief account on the important records of Accounting under Double entry system and discuss briefly the scope of each.
8. (a) From the following information, calculate
i. Debt Equity ratio
ii. Current ratio

Debentures                 1,40,000            Bank balance         30,000
Long term loans           70,000           Sundry Debtors     70,000
General reserve            40,000
Creditors                         66,000
Bills payable                   14,000
Share capital               1,20,000

(b) Calculate Interest Coverage ratio from the following information.
Net profit after deducting interest and taxes        6,00,000
12% Debentures of the face value of                          15,00,000
Amount provided towards taxation                          1,20,000

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