JNTU Previous Question Papers Engineering Physics Set IV May/Jun-2008

JNTU Previous Question Papers

Engineering Physics




1. (a) What do you meant by polarization?
(b) How the polarized light is differ from ordinary light?
(c) Explain the mechanism behind the polarization of light.
2. (a) Explain the factors like reverberation, reverberation time, loudness and echoare affecting the architectural acoustics.
(b) How the above mentioned difficulties are overcome.
3. (a) What are called magnetic materials?
(b) Explain the characteristics of Para magnetic, Dia magnetic and Ferro magnetic substances with examples.
4. (a) Define the terms coordination number, atomic radius and packing factor.
(b) Determine the coordination number, atomic radius and packing factor for BCC and FCC lattices.
5. (a) Write a short note about laser.
(b) Discuss the various methods involved to get population inversion.
(c) Explain the following pumping methods.
i. Optical pumping
ii. Direct electron excitation
iii. Inelastic atom-atom collision.
iv. Direct electron excitation.
6. (a) What are the advantages between optical fiber communication and ordinary
(b) Explain the fiber optic communication briefly.
(c) A silica optical fiber has a core of refractive index of 1.563 and cladding re-fractive index of 1.498. Determine Acceptance angle, Numerical aperture and critical angle.
7. (a) Discuss two dimensional lattice vibrations in solids.
(b) Explain the mechanism of thermal conduction.
(c) Mention the changes that occur in the heat conduction through metals.
8. (a) Discuss the chemical properties of nano materials.
(b) Analyze the application of nano technology in the bio fields.

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