JNTU Previous Question Papers BE-Supplementary English Aug/Sep-2008

JNTU Previous Question Papers


Aug/Sep-2008, Set-IV


1. Do the opinions of Aristotle and Ptolemy agree or differ from Copernicu’s and

Galileo’s ? How?


2. Describe what transpired at the meeting between Kalam and Vikram Sarabhai at

the Hotel Asoka.


3. How did Datta escape from his situation?


4. ‘To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.’

How did Kalam prove this statement?


5. The truly multi-faceted woman, Kalpana Chawla, after completing her Ph.D. at

Colorado in 1988 utilised the opportunities that came her way to prove herself.

Describe in detail her activities from 1988 to 1995.


6. The couple cooked up imaginary characters out of love towards each other. If you

agree to this statement, give reasons. If you disagree, give reasons.


7. You have been asked by a firm which manufactures detergent powder to make a

study of the consumer reaction to their product and suggest measures to improve

the image and the sales of their product. Prepare a report of the study.


8. (a) Correct the following sentences.

i. The reason her and her friend decided to take the bus instead of the train

was that there was an announcement about the cancellation of several


ii. The old man has become so weak that even a two furlongs walk makes

him breathless.

iii. Neither Jack nor Jim were able to tell me who have visited our place in

the evening in my absence.

iv. Would you mind to open the door?

(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms

i. Raju, unlike his colleagues, (meet) the dead line promptly.

ii. I can’t help (laugh)

iii. Neither the Assistants nor the Manager (have ) turned up.

iv. I shall telephone you when he (come) back.

(c) Supply one word each for the following

i. obstetrician one who is financially broken

ii. a document written by hand

iii. that which is fit to be eaten

iv. incapable of being read

(d) Write the antonyms of the following words

i. pessimism

ii. uniformly

iii. accumulate

iv. rebuke

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