JNTU Previous Papers-B.Tech-IV-Embedded Systems-February 2008

JNTU  B.Tech IV  Supplementary Examinations, February 2008


( Common to Information Technology and Computer Science & Systems



1. What are the various hardware functional blocks required to build a typical embedded system? Briefly explain their features and use.


2. Explain the terms: ‘power supply decopling’, ‘open-collector output’, ‘Tristate output’, ‘fan-out’ for TTL logic gates.


3. Explain the sequence of operations that take place in the CPU starting from when

it receives an external interrupt till it completes the interrupt sub-routine.


4. Explain the functions of a scheduler in an RTOS and how does the scheduler carryout those functions.


5. What are events? Explain the role of events in RTOS.


6. Explain the need for encapsulating semaphores and queues with an example.


7. Explain different methods of getting software into the Target system.


8. Explain the important features of the following operating systems that are relevant

to embedded applications.

(a) RT Linux

(b) Windows XP

(c) Win CE

(d) Vx works

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