JNTU Previous Exam Papers BE 3rd Sem Data Structures Through C November 2008

JNTU  B.Tech III Semester DATA STRUCTURES THROUGH C, November 2008

( Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Metallurgy &Material Technology,

Production Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and Automobile Engineering)




1. Write a C program to perform following String operations

(a) Concatenate two strings

(b) Compare two strings


2. (a) Define a doubly linked list. Write an algorithm to insert and delete a node in a doubly linked list.

(b) List the applications of doubly linked lists.


3. (a) Derive a method to convert a postfix expression into its prefix form

(b) Consider the following arithmetic expression in postfix notation: 7 5 2 + * 4

1 5 – / –

i. Find the equivalent prefix form of the above .

ii. Obtain the computed value of the expression from its postfix notation


4. (a) Mention and explain various types of queues and give an example for each

(b) Compare various types of queues.


5. (a) Write notes on different terminology used in trees with a neat sketch

(b) Write a C function to delete a node of tree, when the node is having two children.


6. (a) What are the advantages of adjacency matrix representation of graphs.

(b) Define spanning tree of an undirected graph.


7. (a) Distinguish between linear and binary search methods.

(b) Write an algorithm for non-recursive binary search method.


8. Write an algorithm for heap sort and write a C program for implementing the same.


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