JNTU Previous Exam Papers-B.Tech-Power Metallurgy-February 2008

JNTU IV B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, February 2008


(Metallurgy & Material Technology)



1. (a) Classify and compare centrifugal atomization methods.

(b) Discuss the shape of particles obtained by atomization.

(c) What is the best method for producing alloy powders? Why?


2. (a) Discuss various methods of production of Metal Powders.

(b) Indicate the major application, merits and demerits of each.


3. Explain any two of the following powder characteristics and their effect on compaction and sintering:

(a) Flow rate

(b) Apparent density

(c) Specific surface area.


4. Explain the following terms:

(a) Apparent density

(b) Tap density

(c) Green strength

(d) Flowability


5. (a) What are the advantages of hot pressing?

(b) For what type of powder material do you apply this method?

(c) What additional factors do you to take into account in design and construction of dies and punches of hot pressing?


6. (a) What is liquid phase sintering?

(b) Explain the stages, advantages and applications in Industry.


7. Discuss the special properties of Cemented carbide materials which make it quite distinct from other conventional parts.


8. What is meant by impregnation? Discuss its importance in the field of parts production by Powder Metallurgy techniques.

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