JNTU PAPERS B-Tech II Semester Examinations, Bio Chemical Engineering, Aug/Sep 2008


JNTU B.Tech II Semester Examinations

, Bio Chemical Engineering,, Aug/Sep 2008

 (Chemical Engineering)


1. (a) Proteins can serve diverse biological functions. Write about any five.

(b) Write the reaction involving the formation of simple proteins by condensation

of amino acids. Indicate the formation of a peptide bond.

(c) What is an amino acid residue? Give two examples.


2. (a) Starting with the Michealis-Menten equation for simple enzyme kinetics with

one substrate, obtain the expression relating time and substrate concentration.

(b) An enzyme with a Km of 1×10?3M was assayed using initial substrate concentration of 3×10?3M. After 2 min, 5 percent of the substrate was converted.

How much substrate will be converted after 10,30 and 60 min?


3. What is Immobilization and describe the different types of Enzyme Immobilization?


4. With the help of typical growth curve, discuss in detail growth cycle phases for batch cultivation and suggest ways of reducing lag times.


5. Discuss in detail about carbohydrates with suitable examples.


6. (a) For a CSTR cell reactor with recycle, show that

D = ?1?a(b?1)

and discuss the effect of recycle on dilution rate and biomass production rate,

assuming a constant yield factor.

(b) Experiments with CSTRs propagating cell populations sometimes allow higher

dilution rates without washout than the theory of ideal CSTR indicates. Explain this phenomenon and show how wall growth prevents washout.


7. Name the microorganism used for citric acid production. What is the basis for

commerical biochemical citric acid process? Briefly explain the citric acid recovery

process with a neat flow diagram.


8. (a) Distinguish between mechanical and non mechanical methods of cell disruption

(b) Define and explain electrophoresis and chromatography.

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