JNTU Managerial Economics And Financial Analysis Exam Paper Nov 2008

JNTU Managerial Economics And Financial Analysis Exam Paper Nov 2008

(Electronics & Telematics, Electronics & Computer Engineering and Instrumentation & Control Engineering) SET-3


1. Explain briefly the following methods of forecasting demand.

(a) Barometric method

(b) Expert opinion method

(c) Time series analysis

(d) End user method [4+4+4+4]


2. Explain and illustrate the following: and also mention why do they arise

(a) The Law of constant Returns.

(b) The Law of increasing Returns. [8+8]


3. What cost concepts are mainly used for managerial decisions? Illustrate. [6+10]


4. (a) What are the characteristics of perfect competition?

(b) Explain how the price is determined under conditions of perfect competition.



5. Write a short notes on

(a) Departmental undertaking

(b) Government company

(c) Public corporation. [5+6+5]


6. Define ‘Accounting rate of return’ ‘and Pay back period method’? Compare and

contrast the two.Illustrate with assumed data. [16]


7. Jounalise the following transactions and post them to ledger. [16]

1. Ram invests Rs. 10,000 in cash.

2. He bought goods worth Rs. 2,000 from Shyam.

3 He bought a machine for Rs. 5,000 from Lakshman on account

4. He paid to Lakshman Rs. 2,000

5. He sold goods for cash Rs. 3,000

6. He sold goods to A on account Rs. 4,000

7. He paid to Shyam Rs. 1,000

8. He received amount from A Rs. 2,000


8. (a) What are different tests of profitability for an investment?

(b) The following is an extract of balance sheet of a company during the last year.

Compute current ratio and quick ratio. Also interpret the ratios. [16]

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