JNTU IV B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, February 2008

JNTU IV B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, February 2008


(Metallurgy & Material Technology)


1. What are effects of various factors on the efficiency of the Bayer process?

2. (a) Discuss the properties that make Beryllium particularly interesting engineering material?

(b) Discuss the manufacturing techniques used for Beryllium alloys?


3. (a) Explain the various microstructural changes that take place when an Al-4.5% Cu alloys subjected to solution treatment, quenching and aged at 1300C.

(b) Explain the precipitation hardening mechanisms by coherent precipitates.


4. (a) Draw the phase diagram of Al-Si and label all the phases present in it.

(b) Why eutectic alloys are more preferable for casting than others?

(c) What are the advantages of Si in Aluminum?


5. (a) Explain the physical, mechanical properties of magnesium and its alloys.

(b) Discuss the advantages and applications of magnesium alloys in engineering industries.


6. What are the effects of alloying elements and impurities on the mechanical properties of Titanium? Explain with neat diagram.


7. (a) Explain the strengthening mechanism of precipitation-hardened materials.

(b) What are the differences between precipitation hardening and dispersion strengthening? Explain with suitable examples.


8. (a) Discuss the precipitation hardening of Mg-Zn based alloys.

(b) Explain the heat treatment of Mg-Thorium based alloys.

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