JNTU III B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008

JNTU III B.Tech Supplimentary Examinations, Aug/Sep 2008


(Mechanical Engineering)


1. (a) What are throw away carbide tips? What are their advantages? What are their basic requirements?

(b) Discuss important properties of cutting tool.


2. (a) Describe briefly thread chaser in lathe.

(b) Describe the operations of a duplicating lathe.


3. Describes the working principle of quick return mechanisms used in shaper with



4. Give a brief description of portable drilling machine and their uses pedestal drilling

machine and compare.


5. (a) Sketch and describe the working of a drum- type milling machine.

(b) Explain how a tracer controlled milling machine can be used for milling threads.


6. (a) What are the advantages and disadvantages of centreless grinding.

(b) Explain abrasive belt grinding.


7. (a) What heat treatments are given to broaches before their use

(b) How does a push broach differ from pull broach?


8. (a) Explain the location methods for the design of fixtures for machining components with flat and cylindrical surfaces.

(b) What are the functions of jigs and fixtures.

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