JNTU II B-Tech I Semester Supplementary ExaminationsEnvironmental Studies November 2008


JNTU II B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, November 2008

                                                                       Environmental Studies

( Common to Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electronics &

Telematics, Electronics & Computer Engineering and Aeronautical

Engineering) SET-1



1. Explain the different areas of environmental conservation to which people belonging to different disciplines can contribute.


2. (a) What are the major development activities which threaten the stability of the environment and what are their effects and problems?

(b) Write briefly on the use of renewable & non-renewable resources.


3. (a) What is a food chain and food web? Describe the organisms which typically occupy various levels in an ecological pyramid?

(b) What are the major types of ecosystems in the world? Write about any one briefly?


4. (a) Is biodiversity a concern limited to national boundaries? Explain your answer.

(b) Write about the position of India in the bio-rich nations and the diversity of plant and animal life in the country.


5. (a) Oceans are ultimate sink for most of the waste we produce. Explain.

(b) List off shore sources of Marine Pollution.

(c) Explain the effects of oil pollution on the ocean


6. (a) Define watershed management and explain its objectives.

(b) Discuss various water conservation techniques that can be practiced by individuals.


7. (a) Describe the problems created by the growing population of the earth.

(b) Explain briefly the pattern of global population growth in recent years which is causing alarm to environmental experts.


8. (a) Explain the aspects to be studied and the procedure for collecting information when you want to document the environmental features and resource assets of a water resoure ecosystem during a field visit.

(b) Describe, in the format given above, the features of any such ecosystem you have studied during field visit.



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