JNTU Exam Papers,IV B.Tech II Sem Supplimentary Exam,Principles of Software Engineering,June 2007

IV B.Tech II Semester Supplementary Examinations, June 2007



1. Explain the prototyping software process model and write its limitations.

2. What are indirect measures and why are such measures widely used in software metrics works?

3. Explain various software quality standards and discuss how to assure them.

4. What are milestones and deliverables in a software project? What is the critical destination between the two? Why is it important to clearly identify these in planning a project.

5. Explain behavioral modeling.

6. What is meant by modularity and show the relationship between cost/effort and number of modules with the help of a graph.

7. Explain how human skill level will have influence in user interface design.

8. (a) Difference between debugging and testing.

(b) Write short note on test case design.

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