JNTU Exam Papers,II B-Tech I Sem Exams,February 2008Managerial Economics And Financial Analysis

JNTU Exam Papers

II B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, February 2008

( Common to Civil Engineering and Metallurgy & Material Technology)


1. Managerial Economics is the application of Economic Theory to business management. Discuss.
2. What are the various methods of demand forecasting. Evaluate various survey based demand forecasting methods.
3. Define production function. How is it helpful while taking output decisions?
4. (a) What are the principal differences between monopoly and perfect competition?
(b) Supplement your answer with appropriate diagrams in both the cases.
5. Define a Joint stock company and explain its basic features.
6. (a) What is the need for capital budgeting?
(b) How do the discounting models overcome the limitations of non-discounting models?
7. Explain the following adjustments and illustrate suitably with assumed data.
(a) Closing stock
(b) outstanding expenses
(c) Prepaid Income
(d) Bad debts.
8. (a) From the following information, calculate
i. Debt Equity ratio
ii. Current ratio

Debentures                 1,40,000              Bank balance        30,000
Long term loans            70,000            Sundry Debtors    70,000
General reserve             40,000
Creditors                           66,000
Bills payable                     14,000
Share capital                1,20,000

(b) Calculate Interest Coverage ratio from the following information.
Net profit after deducting interest and taxes     6,00,000
12% Debentures of the face value of                     15,00,000
Amount provided towards taxation                       1,20,000

Rs Rs
Debentures 140000 Bank balance 30,000
Long term loans 70,000 Sundry Debtors 70,000
General reserve 40,000
Creditors 66,000
Bills payable 14,000
Share capital  1,20,000

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