JNTU Exam Papers,BE-II Sem Supplementary Embedded Systems,June-2007

JNTU Exam Papers,

BE-II Sem Supplementary

Embedded Systems,

June-2007 Set-III

1. (a) What is an embedded system? Why is it so hard to define?

(b) List the applications of embedded systems.

2. (a) What is a combinational circuit? Explain the procedure of combinational logic design?

(b) Take any logic expression and explain the combinational logic design.

3. (a) Define instruction? Explain the instruction set format?

(b) Explain different addressing modes with an example.

4. State the need for more functional units in digital signal processor.

5. Briefly discuss three computation models commonly used to describe embedded systems and their peripherals.

6. Give pseudo-code for a pair of functions implementing the send and receive communication constructs.

7. (a) Explain in detail about the combinational logic synthesis approach?

(b) Explain in detail about FSM synthesis.

8. (a) Describe the new challenges created by cores for processor developer.

(b) Describe the new challenges posed by cores to processor users.

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