JNTU exam papers B-Tech – Ist Sem – Anatomy and physiology – November 2008

JNTU,B.Tech, I-Semester, ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY, November 2008

(Bio-Medical Engineering)


1. Describe how frequency of stimulation affects the muscle tension with muscle physiology in detail? Define muscle fatigue?


2. Describe the external anatomy of spinal cord in detail? Define Pia-meter?


3. Discuss about Blood groups. What is the composition and function of Blood?


4. Describe the responses of the respiratory system to exercise.


5. Name few endocrine glands? Explain any one in detail with neat sketch?


6. Where is the pancreas located? Explain the functions the pancreatic Islets (Islets

of langerhans)?


7. Write a short notes on:

(a) Lymph Nodes

(b) Spleen.


8. Compare the principle events of the ovarian and uterine cycle.



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