JNTU Exam Papers II B.Tech I Semester Supplementary Examinations,ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES , February 2008

II B.Tech I Semester Supplementary Examinations, February 2008
( Common to Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electronics &
Telematics, Electronics & Computer Engineering and Aeronautical


1. Explain the different areas of environmental conservation to which people belonging to different disciplines can contribute.

2. Explain the need for an overall strategy for management of water resources.

3. Write briefly about the following types of ecosystems. Bring out the unique characteristics, threats and also the action needed to overcome threats:
(a) Marine ecosystem
(b) Desert ecosystem
(c) Grasslands.

4. (a) What is India’s position in the world with respect to biodiversity? What condition led to this?
(b) List the various plants and animals found in India which contribute to this status.

5. (a) List the wastes that are prohibited from processing along with municipal solid waste. Discuss.
(b) Briefly describe the methods of heating and disposal of solid waste.

6. (a) Define watershed management and explain its objectives.
(b) Discuss various water conservation techniques that can be practiced by individuals.

7. (a) Define Health Impact Assement.
(b) Outline some of the important strategies which must be taken up to minimize environmental hazards .

8. Explain the causes and effects of air pollution by describing any urban or industrial area that you have studied.

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