JNTU Exam Papers II B-Tech I Semester Regular Exams, Production Technology November -2008

JNTU Exam Papers

II B.Tech. I Semester Regular Examinations, November -2008


 Common to Mechanical Engineering,Mechatronics and Automobile



1. (a) What are the advantages of casting process? Mention its applications.
(b) Explain briefly the various pattern allowances.
(c) What is gating ratio? How are in gate position and size determined?
2. (a) Explain the formation of shrinkage cavities in steel castings. How do you eliminate/reduce them?
(b) Write the advantages, limitations and applications of centrifugal casting.
3. ‘Two plates were welded together and then the strength of the joint was tested. It was found that the weld was stronger than either of the plate’. Do you think that the above statement is incorrect? Comment, giving valid reasons.
4. (a) Explain with the help of neat sketches the induction welding and explosive welding processes and mention their applications.
(b) Describe the types of defects occurring in various welding processes. Explain the causes and remedies.
5. (a) Give the comparison between cold working and hot working processes.
(b) Define rolling? Explain the principle and mechanism of rolling.
6. (a) Discuss the principles of theory of bending? What are the design parameters of bending operation?
(b) Differentiate between coining and embossing operations. Suggest the presses used for these operations.
7. (a) What is hot extrusion? Sketch the variation of extrusion force with tempera-ture.
(b) Sketch and explain roll forging. Differentiate between roll forging and rotary forging.
8. (a) What are the advantages of plastics over non plastic materials? Discuss.
(b) Discuss plastic processing methods and their specific advantages.
(c) Differentiate between thermosetting and thermoplastic materials.

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