JNTU Exam Papers–I B.Tech Regular Examinations– ENGINEERING PHYSICS–May/Jun 2008

I B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008



1. (a) What do you meant by polarization?
(b) How the polarized light is differ from ordinary light?
(c) Explain the mechanism behind the polarization of light.
2. (a) How echo is affecting the acoustically good hall and mention their remedies.
(b) Explain the types of noise and how these noises are controlled.
3. (a) What is called cooper pair?
(b) How cooper pairs are formed.
(c) Mention the importance of cooper pair.
4. (a) Define packing factor of a unit cell.
(b) Show that the packing factor for simple cubic, body centered and face centered lattices are 52%, 68% and 74% respectively.
(c) Iron has BCC structure with atomic weight 55.85 and density 7860 kg/m3.
Find the lattice constant.
5. (a) What is meant by LIDAR?
(b) Give the comparison chart between the lasers Ruby, Nd-Yag, He-Ne, CO2 and Ga – As.
(c) A CO2 laser source emits light at a wavelength of 9.6?m and has an output
power of 10KW. How many photons are emitted in each hour by this laser while operating?
6. (a) What is meant by attenuation in optical fiber?
(b) Explain the different types of attenuation.
7. (a) What is meant by dielectric loss? What is dielectric break down? Write in detail about the various factors contributing the breakdown in dielectrics.
(b) The radias of helium atom is about 0.56AU. Calculate the polarisasbility of  helium and its relative permeability. The number of helium atoms in a volume  of 1 m2 is 2.7 × 1025 atoms.
8. (a) Discuss the chemical properties of nano materials.

(b) Analyze the application of nano technology in the bio fields.

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