JNTU Exam Papers – I B-Tech Regular Examinations– Applied Chemistry–May/Jun 2008

                                                                                          JNTU Exam Papers

                                                               I B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008

                                                                                       APPLIED CHEMISTRY


1. Write short notes on the following:

(a) Units of hardness of water

(b) Break point chlorination

(c) Filtration of water

(d) Impurities in water.

2. (a) What are boiler scales? How their composition effects the boiler? What are their ill effects? Discuss the measures for their prevention.

(b) Compare the lime soda process with zeolite process of water softening.

3. (a) What is meant by passivation? How passive oxide film is superior than natural oxide film for controlling corrosion?

(b) Give suitable reasons:

i. Zn gets corroded vigorously when connected with Cu than with Fe

ii. Copper equipment should not possess a small steel bolt

iii. Small anodic area results in intense local corrosion.

4. (a) Write short notes on chromizing

(b) How pH of an electrolyte affects electrodeposit?

(c) Explain the method of coating for protection of furnace parts.

5. (a) Differentiate between elastomer and plastic.

(b) Which rubbers are used in the preparation of automobile parts? Discuss their manufacture and vulcanization.

6. (a) Define Refractories and what are the criteria of a good refractory?

(b) Give the classification of refractories with suitable examples.

7. (a) What are synthetic lubricants? How they are superior to petroleum based lubricants?

(b) Define Grease? Under what conditions they are used as lubricants?

(c) What is the effect of temperature on viscosity? Explain with an example.

8. What are the chemical constituents of Cement? Discuss the function of each constituent.

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