JNTU Previous Exam Papers-B.Tech Aerospace Engineering–May/Jun 2008

JNTU Previous Exam Papers-

B.Tech May/Jun 2008




1. (a) Describe about bi-plane When was it made?

(b) Write the special feature of bi-plane.

2. Explain in detail the principle of altimeter and explain about radio altimeter.

3. (a) How is skin friction caused? Why is the skin friction becoming greater importance recently.

(b) Explain what happens in the boundary layer?

4. Explain the functions of

(a) Elevator

(b) Aileron

(c) Rudder.

5. Describe Schematically the thrust produced by a jet engine.

6. (a) How is drag affected by air density at higher attitudes.

(b) Differentiate between

i. form drag

ii. Induced drag.

iii. Skin friction drag.

7. (a) Explain in detail with the help of a figure directional static stability.

(b) Explain in detail with the help of a figure lateral static stability.

8. Discuss in detail about the elements of satellite.

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