JNTU Question Papers Electrical and Electronics Measurements 1st Sem Nov 2008

JNTU Question Papers

Electrical and Electronics Measurements 1st Sem Nov 2008


1. Explain in detail the Permanent magnet moving coil mechanism with construction

and temperature compensation. [8+4+4]


2. (a) With neat diagram explain the principle and working of AC voltmeter.

(b) An AC voltmeter calibrated for sine wave is used to measure a ramp voltage

waveform rising to a peak value of 6 V in 3 m.sec. Determine the percentage error. [8+8]


3. Explain in detail the working of stair case Ramp DVM, giving the block diagram.

Compare its performance with other types of DVMs. [8+4+4]


4. (a) Compute the value of self-capacitance of a coil when the following measure-

ments are made; at f1 = 2MHz, the tuning capacitor is set at 450 pf. When the frequency is increased to 5 MHz, the tuning capacitor is tuned to 60 pf.

(b) Draw the block diagram of the RF milli voltmeter. Explain its working. [6+10]


5. (a) With neat block diagram explain the working function of each block of general

purpose oscilloscope.

(b) Mention the advantages of general purpose oscilloscope. [10+6]


6. (a) Explain the working functions of each block of a sampling oscilloscope in full


(b) Compare the merits and demerits of sampling oscilloscope. [10+6]


7. (a) With a block diagram explain AF sine -square wave oscillator.

(b) Explain the different front panel controls of a signal generator. Give the specifications with typical values. [10+6]


8. (a) Draw and explain the temperature compensated crystal oscillator circuit.

(b) List the suggestions to be followed to attain maximum accuracy in a frequency


(c) Explain the basic principle behind the extension of frequency range of counter.

JNTU Electrical and Electronics Measurements Question Paper

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