JNTU Question Papers Chemical And Bio-Thermodynamics 1st Sem Nov 2008

JNTU Question Papers

Chemical And Bio-Thermodynamics 1st Sem Nov 2008


1. Pressures up to 3000 atm are to be measured with a dead-weight gauge. The piston

diameter is to be 1/8 in. What is the approximate total mass of “weights”which

must be provided for use with this guage? [8+8]


2. Write short notes:

(a) Write the efficiency of the gas-turbine power plant.

(b) Explain about the working of turbojet power plant with a neat sketch. [8+8]


3. Develop the property relations appropriate to incompressible fluid, characterized

by the behavior that both ? and ? are zero. [16]


4. (a) Write the fundamental excess property relation.

(b) Write a note on hydrogen bonding and charge transfer complexing. [8+8]


5. Explain Formulation of vapour liquid equilibrium. [16]


6. (a) Describe the thermodynamic criteria for a reaction top proceed in a homoge-

nous system.

(b) Derive the relation ship between the equilibrium constant and the standard

Gibb’s free energy change. [8+8]


7. (a) Explain the Gaden classification from stoichiometric point of view the product

formation in fermentation processes.

(b) The following stoichiometric equation describes penicillin systhesis

1.5Glucose+H2SO4+2NH3 + phenyl acetate! Pencillium G + CO2+8H2O

the theoretical yield of pencillium is 1.2g/(gram of glucose). Find out the

molecular weight of pencillium G. [8+8]


8. Describe variations in cellular composition with different types of organisms. [16]


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