JNTU Papers B Tech 1st Sem Anatomy And Physiology, November 2008


JNTU, B.Tech,I-Semester, Anatomy And Physiology, November 2008

(Bio-Medical Engineering)


1. Explain about the pelvic girdle? [16]

2. What are the features of thyroid gland? What are the effects of its production?[16]

3. Explain the external anatomy of spinal cord in detail? Define Pia-matter? [16]

4. What are semi-circular ducts? Discuss about cochlea. [16]

5. Describe the structure and function of the valves of the heart? [16]

6. Illustrate the physiology of lung with a neat sketch. [16]

7. What is a bolus? List the sequence of events involved in passing of bolus from the

mouth to stomach? [16]

8. Describe the urinary tract with the help of a neat diagram? Write the functions of

the kidney? [16]



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