Instrumental JNTU Syllabus

Instrumental JNTU Syllabus

III Year B.Tech EEE II-Sem T P C
4+1* 0 4
Objective :
Instrumentation is essential in monitoring and analysis of any Physical system and its control. This course
deals with different types of transducers, digital voltmeters, oscilloscopes and measurement of non
electrical quantities.
UNIT-I Characteristics of Signals
Measuring Systems, Performance Characteristics, – Static characteristics, Dynamic Characteristics; Errors
in Measurement – Gross Errors, Systematic Errors, Statistical Analysis of Random Errors.
UNIT-II Signals and their representation
Signal and their representation: Standard Test, periodic, aperiodic, modulated signal, sampled data, pulse
modulation and pulse code modulation
UNIT-III Oscilloscope
Cathode ray oscilloscope-Cathode ray tube-time base generator-horizantal and vertical amplifiers-CRO
probes-applications of CRO-Measurement of phase and frequency-lissajous patterns-Sampling
oscilloscope-analog and digital type
UNIT-IV Digital Voltmeters
Digital voltmeters- Successive approximation, ramp, dual-Slope integration continuos balance type-Micro
processor based ramp type DVM digital frequency meter-digital phase angle meter-
UNIT-V Signal Analyzers
Wave Analysers- Frequency selective analyzers, Heterodyne, Application of Wave analyzers- Harmonic Analyzers, Total Harmonic distortion, spectrum analyzers, Basic spectrum analyzers, spectral displays, vector impedance meter, Q meter. Peak reading and RMS voltmeters

UNIT-VI Transducers
Definition of transducers, Classification of transducers, Advantages of Electrical transducers,
Characteristics and choice of transducers; Principle operation of resistor, inductor, LVDT and capacitor transducers; LVDT Applications, Strain gauge and its principle of operation, guage factor, Thermistors, Thermocouples, Synchros, Piezo electric transducers, photovoltaic, photo conductive cells, photo diodes.

UNIT-VIIMeasurement of Non-Electrical Quantities-I
Measurement of strain, Gauge Sensitivity, Displacement, Velocity, Angular Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Torque.

UNIT-VIII Measurement of Non-Electrical Quantities-II
Measurement of Temperature, Pressure, Vacuum, Flow, Liquid level.
1. Transducers and Instrumentation by D.V.S Murthy, Prentice Hall of India
2. A course in Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation, A.K. Sawhney, Dhanpatrai & Co.

1. Measurements Systems, Applications and Design – by D O Doeblin
2. Principles of Measurement and Instrumentation – by A.S Morris, Pearson /Prentice Hall of India
3. Electronic Instrumentation-by H.S.Kalsi Tata MCGraw-Hill Edition, 1995.
4. Modern Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement techniques – by A.D Helfrick
and W.D.Cooper, Pearson/Prentice Hall of India.

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