IIT Kharagpur crop production technology syllabus


IIT Kharagpur crop production technology syllabus



Industrial Processing of Foods and Beverages

3 – 0 – 0 : 3 Credits Prerequsites: None

Fundamentals of Food Processing: Food processing equipment, its operation,

maintenance, cleaning and sanitizing.

Industrial Manufacture of Selected Foods and Beverages: Process and

material flow diagrams and identification and control of critical operations.

Product ingredients, formulation, composition and characteristics;

Processing, factors affecting product characteristics and measurement of

quality attributes; Packaging and quality control.

Food Products: Bakery products  – bread, biscuit, cakes and quick breads;

Convenience foods  – macaroni and pasta products, noodles and vermicelli.

Breakfast and RTE cereals; Condiments and confections. Energy and health

foods; Infant and baby foods; Food premixes. Structured and textured

protein products. Beverages: Alcoholic- beer, wine and distilled spirits; Nonalcoholic  – soft

drinks, soda/mineral water and fruit beverages; Essence and flavours: tea,

coffee, cocoa and energy drinks. System control in beverage industry.

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