IIT Kharagpur Crop Production Technology syllabus


IIT Kharagpur crop production technology syllabus


Crop Production Technology

3 – 0 – 0 : 3 Credits Prerequsites: None

Crop Production: Concepts of agronomy; Classification of crops; Techniques

of raising field crops, horticultural crops, medicinal and aromatic plants;

Cropping system for major agro-ecological regions; seed and seeding,

planting density management, organic and inorganic nutrition of crops,

water management for higher productivity, management of insects and

pests, diseases and weeds; Farm planning and management; Crop growth

assessment; Judging crop maturity and harvesting techniques; Organic

farming and sustainable agriculture; Greenhouse crop production;

Management of dryland agriculture.

Crop Simulation: Models for crop yield assessment; Crop management

simulation and yield forecasting; Crop response to climate change;

Uncertainty and risk evaluation.

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