ICSI Previous Question papers English and Business Communication Dec 2012

ICSI Previous Question papers

English and Business Communication

Dec 2012

Time allowed : 3 hours

Maximum marks : 100

Total number of questions : 6 
NOTE : Answer all questions.
1. (a) Write an essay of about 300 words on any one of the following :
(i) Information revolution
(ii) Abolition of child labour
(iii) The merits and demerits of advertising.
(10 marks)
(b) Make a précis of the following passage in about one-third of its length and suggest
a suitable title (Use précis-sheet given at the end of the answer book) :
Now-a-days India is making tremendous progress in every field. Educational, social and
economic levels of people are going up. The power of the great Indian middle class
is attracting multinational corporations and the consumer goods are being offered to them
on easy terms. Indian business houses are also collaborating with the foreign companies
or offering their units for mergers and acquisitions. In many ways, it is good thing
happening to India, as people can expect good quality imported consumer goods. But,
does it augur well for the nation ?
Since independence, there has been the utter neglect of R&D or Research and
Development in our country. We have largely produced second rate goods, despite the
availability of best trained technical and managerial talent, in order to make a fast buck.
Our best brains often get frustrated in the process and emigrate abroad in search of better
research facilities and incentives. Our emphasis is never on improving quality. We resort
to the easier options: importing technology or even finished goods. But nations only
sell technology, which is about to become obsolete and cannot reduce their market share
of global trade.
In order to stay competitive and cut down imports, we need to develop indigenous
technologies. Efforts should be made to match, even excel, international standards to
boost exports of non-traditional items. For that every industrial house must contribute
a part of its profits to Research and Development since it is the soul of every flourishing
(245 words)
(8+2 marks)
English and Business Communication

2. (a) Attempt the following as directed against each :
(i) He will finish the work in a fortnight. (Change into passive voice.)
(ii) What other games do you play ___________ hockey ? (Fill-in the blank space
using correct word – besides/beside.)
(iii) Rahul had finished the homework. He went out for shopping. (Combine the two
sentences using verb+ing.)
(iv) Charity begins ___________ home. (Fill-in the blank space using appropriate
preposition – at/in/on/after.)
(v) The principal told us that nights in England were far longer than in India.
(Correct the sentence.)
(vi) Her new book is in a continuation of her autobiography. (Correct the sentence.)
(vii) These machines make farming much more easier. (Correct the sentence.)
(viii) You should not be late for class every day. (Change into affirmative sentence.)
(ix) When no connecting word is used to link two independent clauses, one should
use a ___________. (Fill-in the blank space using correct word – comma/colon.)
(x) Progressive measures are ___________ to the whole society. (Fill-in the blank
space using correct word – beneficial/beneficent.)
(1 mark each)
(b) Write the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following :
(i) The scientific study of birds is called –
(a) Ecology
(b) Ornithology
(c) Biology
(d) Zoology.
(ii) Errata is a list of –
(a) Rates
(b) Errors
(c) Repetitions
(d) Examples.
(iii) The synonym of the word, ‘didactic’ is –
(a) Expository
(b) Informative
(c) Explanatory
(d) Moralising.

(iv) A shortened form of a word is called –
(a) Abbreviation
(b) Derivation
(c) Permutation
(d) Differentiation.
(v) ‘Ad infinitum’ means –
(a) Perpetually
(b) Gradually
(c) Initially
(d) Quietly.
(1 mark each)
3. (a) Make sentences of your own using the following words/phrases/idioms to bring out their
meanings :
(i) The ins and outs
(ii) To rise to the occasion
(iii) Entourage
(iv) Impasse
(v) To burn one’s fingers.
(1 mark each)
(b) Make sentences of your own using the following pair of words to bring out their respective
meanings :
(i) Elicit – Illicit
(ii) Cite – Site
(iii) Portable – Potable.
(2 marks each)
(c) Write full form of the following :
(i) E&OE
(ii) BCC
(iii) RSVP
(iv) e.g.
(1 mark each)


4. (a) State, with reasons in brief, whether the following statements are true or false. Attempt
any five :
(i) Gestures are as important as verbal communication.
(ii) Grapevine is an official mode of communication.

(iii) Notification and agenda mean the same thing.
(iv) Office orders are an upward form of communication.
(v) Noise is a physical barrier to communication.
(vi) The use of ‘Respected Sir’ as a salutation in a business letter is acceptable.
(vii) Written communication is always a wasteful activity.
(2 marks each)
(b) Atul has been selected by your company, Exotic Associates Ltd., Delhi for the post of
Sales Manager. Write an offer letter of employment giving relevant details.
(5 marks)
(c) As a Director of Bigleap Ltd., draft an office memorandum addressed to entire staff
urging them to donate their one day salary for the earthquake victims.
(5 marks)
5. Attempt any three of the following :
(i) Draft the body of a representation from an employee who has been transferred to an
inconvenient place on promotion.
(ii) Draft the body of a reminder letter asking for payment which has become overdue.
(iii) Your company has won the Best Customer Satisfaction Award. Draft a press release
to inform the general public and enhance your company’s goodwill.
(iv) As Manager of Shivalik Interiors, draft the body of a purchase order for the supply
of office stationery by the stipulated date.
(5 marks each)
6. Attempt any three of the following :
(i) Draft a brief report in memorandum format from HR Department to the Managing Director
about the desirability of organising a refresher course in computers for employees.
(ii) Draft an office order sanctioning new recruitment to the Accounts Department.
(iii) Draft a welcome address to be delivered by the President of the employees’ union to
the new Managing Director.
(iv) Draft a circular asking the employees not to use office computers for social networking
websites .               (5 marks each)


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