JNTU Exam Papers I B.Tech Regular Examinations,C PROGRAMMING AND DATA STRUCTURE May/June 2008

I Year  B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008



1. (a) Define Algorithm.
(b) What is the use of flowchart ?
(c) What are the different steps followed in the program development?
2. Write a program to find sum of given series by using function with argument and
return value e = 2 + 3/1! – 6/2! + 9/3! – 12/4! …..!
3. Write a program and explain the working of malloc and calloc function.
4. Define Structure and write the general format for declaring and accessing members.

5. Describe types of files with an example .
6. Write a program to explain selection sort . Which type of technique does it belong.

7. What difference between queue and circular queue ? Explain about circular queue
operations ?
8. Explain tree traversals indetail .

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