JNTU Exam Papers I B.Tech Regular Examinations , METALLURGICAL ANALYSIS ,May / June 2008

I Year  B.Tech Regular Examinations


(Metallurgy & Material Technology)


1. (a) Bring out the importance of chemical analysis in various industries citing one example of an industry.
(b) List out and explain the factors on which the choice of methods are made for chemical analysis.
2. Elaborately explain the analysis of lime stone, dolomite and magnesite.
3. (a) In general explain with neat sketch volumetric method and electrolytic method.
(b) Explain in detail determination of manganese by calorie metric method.
4. (a) How to estimate vanadium in high chromium nickel steels.
(b) Elaborately present the procedure to determine tungsten in stainless steels containing titanium.
5. (a) Explain the different methods of assaying ores having reducing power.
(b) Give the method of assay of ores containing nickel and cobalt.
6. Mention the theories of absorptiometry and explain any two.
7. (a) Draw and explain the working principle of Cambridge potentiometer.
(b) Explain the nature of mass spectra and fragmentation pattern.
8. (a) Describe inorganic polarography.
(b) Describe organic polarography.

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