GTU Syllabus for Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques

GTU Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques Syllabus


B.E Semester: 3
Chemical Engineering
Subject Code 130503
Subject Name Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques

Sr.No Course contents
1 Iterative Methods
Bisection, False Position, Secant, Newton-Raphson Method Iterative
Method (Including Extended), Newton-Raphson Method For Non Linear
Equations In Two Variables, Convergence Of Iterative Methods, algorithms
& Computer programming for all these Methods, Polynomial Equations,
Descartes Rule Of Sign.
2 Finite Differences And Interpolation
Finite Differences: Forward, Backward And Divided Differences. Differences
Table, Newton’s Forward, Backward And Divided Differences Interpolation
Formula. Lagrange Interpolation Formula, Inverse Interpolation, Error
Propagation In Difference Table, Estimate Of Errors In Interpolation,
Computer programming of the same
3 Curve Fitting And Method Of Least Squares
Method Of Least Squares, Fitting A Straight Line And Polynomial Fitting A
Non- Linear, Function: Fitting A Geometric And Exponential Curve, Fitting A
Hyperbola At Fitting A. Trigonometric Function. Approximation Of Function
By Taylor Series And Chebyshev Polynomials, Computer programming of
curve fitting methods
4 Numerical Differentiation And Integration.
Differentiation Formula Based On Functions Tabulator At Equal And
Unequal Intervals Newton-Cotes Integration Formulae: Trapezoidal Rule,
Simpson’s 1/3 And 3/8th Rule, algorithms & Computer programming for all
these Methods,
5 Solution of Simultaneous Linear Equation:
Solution Of Systems Of Linear Equations : Gauss Elimination Maths Pivots,
Ill Conditions Equations, Gauss- Seidal And Gauss Jacobi Iterative
Methods, computer programming of the same.
6 Numerical Solution Of Ordinary Differential Equation
Taylor Series And Euler’s Methods, Rangekutta Method Of 4th Order,
Milnes’s Predictor – Corrector Methods,. Algorithms & Computer
programming for all these Methods
Reference Books:
1. Computer Oriented Numerical Methods – By V Rajaraman , Prentice – Hall of
India , Delhi
2. Introduction to Numerical Analysis – By S. S. Sastry – PHI , Delhi
3. Numerical Methods for Scientific & Engineering Computation -By M. K . Jain
, S.R.K. Lyenger , R. K. Jain Wiley Eastern Ltd.
4. A test book on Computational Methods – By Br. G. T. Kochav – Nirali
Prakashan , Pune

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