GTU Question papers BE- VII th Sem – Software Engineering Nov/Dec.-2011


BE SEM-VII Examination-Nov/Dec.-2011

Subject code: 171908

Subject Name: Software Engineering

Mechanical Engineering



1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.


Q.1 (a) Define software engineering. Explain costs of software engineering for each of the process activities.

 (b) Explain different phases of system engineering.  


Q.2 (a) Discuss project scheduling with the help of bar charts and activity networks.

 (b) Explain different categories of risks.  


(b) What is milestones and deliverables? Explain project plan.  


Q.3 (a) Discuss functional and non-functional requirements for software.

 (b) Explain the software requirement specification (SRS) document.  


Q.3 (a) Discuss requirement elicitation and analysis process.

 (b) Explain different behavioral models.  


Q.4 (a) Explain risk-driven specification.  

(b) Write a short note: CORBA



Q.4 (a) What is real-time system? Discuss general model of it.

 (b) Write a short note: service-oriented system architecture  


Q.5 (a) Explain fault-tolerant architecture.

 (b) Explain the verification and validation (V & V) process.



Q.5 (a) Explain people capability maturity model.

 (b) Discuss COCOMO model with an illustrative example.  


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