GTU Question Paper Environmental Studies July 2011

GTU Question Paper Environmental Studies July 2011


B.E Sem-I/II Examination June-July 2011

Subject code: 110007      

Subject Name: Environmental Studies

                                                                                                                               Total Marks: 70    


  1. Attempt all questions.
  2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
  3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.




(a) What is the role of environmental engineer? Discuss the impact of                 07

technological development on environment.

(b) Describe the structure of atmosphere and tabulate the compositions of 07 atmosphere.

(a)Justify that energy flow in ecosystem is unidirectional and non cyclic and 07 explain the nutrient cycling in ecosystem.

(b) What is the meaning of biogeochemical cycle? Draw the carbon cycle and 07 explain its functioning.


Give the classification of Ecology and explain the different parts of an 07 ecosystem.

(a)What is meant by Ecological Pyramid? Describe the pyramid of biomass 07 for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem.

(b) Define food chain and discuss different trophical levels of it.                        07


(a)  Differentiate renewable and non renewable energy resources and discuss 07 the effect of overpopulation on energy problems.

(b) Define population growth and describe the different ways to control 07 population growth.

(a)  Explain the conventional and non conventional energy resources. Discuss 07 use of solar energy in India

(b) Describe the uses of different water resources and explain any two 07 techniques of water conservation used in India.


(a)  Enumerate different primary and secondary air pollutants and explain the 07 effect of carbon monoxide on human beings.

(b) Give the classification of forests and discuss the effects of deforestation on 07 society.

(a)  Discuss briefly current global environmental problems and discuss green 07 house effect in details.

(b) Write short notes on(i) Land degradation (ii) Ozone depletion                        07


What is Noise pollution? How is it measured? Describe the effects of noise 07 pollution on human and animals.

(b) What are different types of pollutions? Describe the causes and effects of 07 Eutrophication





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