GTU Question papers Elements of Civil Engineering


B.E Sem-I/II Examination June-July 2011

Subject code: 110004     

Subject Name: Elements of  Civil Engineering


  1. Attempt all questions.
  2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
  3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Q.1 (a) Explain role of civil engineer
(b) Explain fundamental principles of surveying
(c) Describe Hydrological cycle
Q.2 (a) The details of observed bearings are mentioned below. find out the included angles and also correct the angles if needed to be corrected .


Line FB BB
AB 200 30’ 200° 00’
BC 1100 00’ 2900 3 0’
CD 195000’ 15000’
DE 2860 30’ 106000’

(b) (i) Give difference between load bearing and framed structure (ii) enlist  different types of floors


(b) Give classification of different roads according to its position in national  network of roads .

Q.3 (a) Enlist and Explain the different types of benchmarks

(b)        The following readings are taken on Continuously falling ground with  staff of 4m; they are 0.400, 0.765, 1.270, 2.560, 3.220, 3.950, 0.390,1.690,3.500,0.800,1.920, 2.450,3.980 . Enter the readings in the page

of level book and calculate the RLs of all the points if the first reading was taken on Benchmark of 100.000 m

(c)       Explain the Application of Remote sensing


Q.3 (a) Explain the following principles of Building Planning (i) Roominess (ii) Orientation (iii) Privacy

(b)        Give the Symbol for following material in section for Building Drawing (i) Brick (ii) Stone (iii) Earth (iv) wood (v) Steel section

(c)       Draw the foundation sketch for the wall having thickness of 20 cm and 30 04 c

Q.4 Explain the properties of Bricks

(a)       Enlist different types of cement and explain ingredients of ordinary Portland 05 cement

( c) Draw sketch of R.C. C. Slab with Beam

Q.4 (a)      Explain different types of watershed development techniques

(b)      Explain different modes of transportation and their Importance

( c) Explain traffic planning and its importance

Q.5 (a) Explain different types of Building loads

(b) The offset from boundary of an agricultural plot are taken as below at the 05 interval of 20 m . Calculate the area between the base line and boundary by Simpsons rule and trapezoidal rule The offsets are 0.24, 0.89, 1.45, 2.56,

5.67, 8.76, 7.88, 4.56,3.66,2.5 and 1.35.

( c) Explain properties and uses of concrete


Q.5 (a) Explain the different types of water conveyance structures

(b) Enlist different types of doors and draw sketch of panelled door Describe (i) isogonic line (ii) Application of contour map

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