GTU previous question papers -BE- VII Sem -Satellite Communication -Nov- 2011

GTU previous question papers


B. E. VIIth Semester–Examination – Nov- 2011

Subject code: 1710         

Subject Name: Satellite Communication



1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q.1 (a) Which are the different types of orbits used for satellite Communication? Explain in detail.

(b) What do you mean by multiple access technique? Explain Time Division Multiple Access in detail.

Q.2 (a) Explain three laws of Kepler’s for planetary motion in detail.

 (b) An earth station situated in the Bangalore ,needs to calculate the Look angles to a geostationary satellite in the Indian ocean operated at INSAT.The details of the earth station site and the satellite are as follows:

Earth station latitude and Longitude are 52.0 0 N and 0 0 Satellite longitude (subsatellite point) is 66. 0 0 E


(b) What is the value of XPD at 0.01% of the time for a 12 GHz link that

experiences 7dB attenuation for this period of time? The elevation angle is 30 0.Calculate the XPD for tilt angles of 20 0 and 0 0.

Q.3 (a) What is the purpose of Telemetry, Tracking, Command, and Monitoring in satellite communication? Explain in detail.

(b) Explain calculation of link margins for a VSAT Star network with suitable equations.         


Q.3 (a) Write short notes on Satellite Antennas. Support your answer by explaining main types of antennas are used in satellites

(b) Write short notes on Access Control Protocols used in VSAT network.

Q.4 (a) How the prediction of rain attenuation is possible? Also state the calculation steps of Long Term Statistics for NGSO System.

(b) Write Short notes on Operational Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit (NGSO) Constellation design.         


Q.4 (a) Explain Orbit Consideration with respect to Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit (NGSO).

  (b) Write short notes on Demand Access Multiple Access system.           

Q.5 (a) Explain following terms in detail regarding GPS.

(1) Signal levels

(2) Timing Accuracy

(b) Write short notes on Master Control Station required for Direct BroadcastSatellite Television (DBS-TV) system.         


Q.5 (a) Write short notes on GPS Receivers with using simplified block diagram.

(b) How the error control done in Digital DBS-TV? Explain it.


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