GTU previous question papers -BE- Sem-III -Manufacturing-Process-I -Dec 2011

GTU previous question papers 


BE SEM-III Examination-Dec.2011

Subject code: 131903 

Subject Name: Manufacturing-Process-I



1. Attempt all questions.

2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Q:1. (a) With the help of figure explain “ Taper turning by setting over the tail stock method..

(b) Explain in brief different types of Lathe-centres used on tailstock side of a lathe machine.

(c ) Describe various types of chucks used on lathe machine

Q:2 (a) With the help of front-view,top view and side –view draw single point cutting Tool geometry

(b) By drawing neat sketches explain following operations which are performed

On drilling machine : (1) Counter boring (2) Counter sinking

(3) Spot-facing

(4) Trepanning

(c ) With the help of figure explain ‘ Hydraulic shaper mechanism 07


( c ) With the help of figure explain ‘Crank and slotted link quick return Mechanism

Q:3 (a) Explain in brief various alignment tests carried out on Lathe-Machine to

Check accuracy level specified by the supplier. 07

(b) With the help of neat sketch explain the “ Jig Boring Machine” 07


Q:3 (a) Explain in brief the various ‘ Indexing – Methods ‘ used on milling machine.

(b) State the salient features of “Universal-Milling Machine Draw the

‘geometry profile generated in the work piece body while taking cuts by following cutters

: (1) Cylindrical cutter (2) Side and Face cutter (3) Double angle cutter (4) Tee-slot  Cutter.

Q:4 (a) Explain the difference between ‘Capstan ‘ & ‘ Turret ‘ lathe.

(b) Explain the standard marking system by using six symbols as per IS system


Q:4 (a) Write advantages, limitations and applications of “Broaching-Machines “.

(b) With the help of neat sketches explain the “Setting of band saw teeth “. With The help of neat sketch explain the principle of operation of a horizontal band Saw machine.


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