GITAM University VII SEM Bio Process Engineering Syllabus

GITAM University VII SEM Bio Process Engineering Syllabus

 B.Tech. (BT) VI Semester
Course Code : EURBT 606 Category: CE
Credits: 4 Hours : 4 per week
Enzyme Kinetics: Simple enzyme catalyzed reactions, single intermediate
mechanism, Double intermediate mechanism, Comparison of enzyme parameters,
Quasi-steady state kinetics.
Enzyme inhibition: Types of inhibition, competitive, non competitive, uncompetitive
and mixed inhibition. Reversibility and product inhibition.
Methods of immobilization, Kinetics of immobilized enzymes, external and internal mass transport resistance of immobilized systems.

Production of enzymes, selection of organisms, Industrial approach to enzyme production and comparison of cells and enzymes as Industrial catalysts. Enzyme reactor performance, operational strategies, carrier life and cycle time.

Industrial application: Applications of enzymes in Pharmaceutical & Food Processing

Text Books:

1. Applied biochemistry and bioengineering, Vol. I Ed.Wingard, LB., Katchalski Katzir, E.Goldstein, L.Academic Press.
2. Biochemical engineering fundamentals, Bailey and Ollis. 2nd Ed. 1986. McGrawHill.
3. Fundamentals of Enzymology, 3rd Edition, Price, NC and Stevens, L.2003. Oxford University Press
4. Immobilization of enzymes and cells; Methods in biotechnology, Vol.1, Bickerstaff.G.F.

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