GITAM University Syllabus BTech 8th Sem Bio Medical Instrumentation

GITAM University Syllabus

Bio Medical Instrumentation 


B.Tech. (BT) VIII Semester

EURBT 858: Bio Medical Instrumentation
Code: EURBT 858 Category: IE
Credits: 4 Hours : 4 per week

Bioelectric Signals and Electrodes: Origin of bioelectric signals – action potentials,
Recording electrodes – Skin – contact impedance – Electrodes for ECG – Electrodes
for EEG – Electrode for EMG – Electrical conductivity of electrode jellies and creams
– microelectrodes.
Physiological Transducers: Pressure transducers, Transducers for body temperature
measurement – Pulse sensors – Respiration sensors.
Biomedical recorders: Electrocardiograph – Block diagram, ECG leads, effects of
artifacts on ECG recordings; Phonocardiograph; Electroencephalograph –
Electromyograph – Preamplifier, filters, delay circuits, stimulators.
Biomedical telemetry: Wireless telemetry – single channel telemetry systems –
Temperature telemetry system – Multichannel wireless telemetry system –
Multipatient telemetry – Implantable telemetry systems – Transmission of analog
physiological signals over telephone lines. Laser guided and robot aided surgery.
Biomedical imaging instruments: X-ray, PET and MRI. Patient safety: Electric shock
hazards – Leakage currents – Test instruments for checking safety parameters of
biomedical equipments.
Text Books:
1. R.S.Khandpur, Hand Book of Biomedical Instrumentation, TMH, New Delhi, 2001
2. Cromwell, Weibell and Pfeiffer, Biomedical instrumentation and measurements,
Pearson Education 2003.
John. G. Webster., Medical Instrumentation application and design, John Wiley &
sons Inc., 3rd edition, 1999.

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