GITAM University Syllabus B Tech 2nd Sem Physical Chemistry

GITAM University

Physical Chemistry Syllabus



B.Tech. (BT) Second Semester
EURCH208: Physical Chemistry
Code: EURCH208 Category : BS
Credits : 3 Hours : 3 per week


Department: Engg. Chemistry
Thermodynamics: First law – internal energy – enthalpy, Heat capacity of a system –
work done in isothermal, adiabatic expansion of an ideal gas. Heat of reaction – heat
of formation, heat of combustion and heat of neutralization – Kirchoff’s equation –
Thermo-chemical laws- Hess law of constant heat summation. Second law –
spontaneous process – entropy – physical significance, entropy change accompanying
phase change.
Chemical Equilibrium: Reversible reactions – law of mass action – Le Chatlier’s
principle homogeneous equilibria in gaseous and liquid systems – Effect of
temperature on equilibrium – vant Hoff’s equation. Electrochemistry: Difference
between Galvanic and Electrolytic cells. Single electrode potential and its
determination. Nernst equation. Reference (Hydrogen and Calomel) electrode.
Conductance – Kohlraush’s Law – electrochemical series-half cell potential-EMFGalvanic
Physical properties of liquids:
Surface tension: Definition, explanation, measurement, applications and viscosity:
Definition, explanation, measurement, applications
Phase rule: Terms used – phase diagrams – one component system (Water and
Sulphur) – two – component system (Silver-Lead and Potassium lodide-Water)-
Eutectic point and Triple point.
Colligative properties : Raoult’s law, Osmotic pressure, elevation of boiling points,
depression in freezing points (Elementary treatment) – elementary treatment of
vapour pressure – composition diagrams of binary liquid mixtures.
Chemical Kinetics: Rate constant – Order and molecularity of a reaction – zero, first
and second order kinetics – activation energy-effect of temperature on reaction rateelementary
treatment of collision theory and activated complex theory.
Prescribed Books:
1) Elements of Physical Chemistry by P.W.Atkins, third edition, Oxford University
2) Essentials of Physical Chemistry by B.S.Bahl, Arun Bahl and G.D.Tuli – New
Delhi: S.Chand & Company, 2007.
Reference Books:
1) Text book of Physical Chemistry by Samuel Glasstone, – second edition – New
Delhi: Macmillion, 1980.
2) Physical Chemistry by Gilbert. W. Castellan, second edition – Reading: Addison
Wisley, 1980.
3) Principles of Physical Chemistry by B.R. Puri, L.R Sharma and Madan S. Pathanic,
41st edition Jalandhar : Vishal Publishing Co.2004.
Note: The figures in parentheses indicate approximate number of expected hours of

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