GITAM University Syllabus B Tech 1st Year English Language Skills

GITAM University Syllabus

English Language Skills

1st Year

B.Tech. (CE) First Semester

EUREG 101: English Language Skills
Code: EUREG 101 Category: HS
Credits: 3 Hours: 3 per week

Department: BSH
The fundamental aim of this course is to help the student become a confident and competent
communicator in written and spoken English. The methodology in teaching and evaluation shall be oriented towards this end, rather than rote memorization.

Prerequisite: Acquaintance with basic High School Grammar and Composition.


The aim of the text is to provide interesting new approach to learning English by providing
stimulating and motivating material and a wide range of activities that are meaningful, natural,
authentic and useful in day-to-day life. :
“Creative English for Communication” by N. Krishnaswamy & T. Sriraman – Macmillan
India Ltd. –(2005 version) (Section – I Communicate – Units 1-6 only)
Unit-I Textual Lessons 1 & 2 (8 Hours)
Synonyms & Antonyms, One word substitutes,
Words often confused, Phrasal Verbs
Unit-II Textual Lesson – 3 (8 Hours)
Foreign Phrases, Tenses, Concord
Unit-III Textual Lesson – 4 (8 Hours)
Error Analysis, Single Sentence Definitions, Paragraph Writing
Unit-IV Textual Lesson – 5 (8 Hours)
Essay Writing, Dialogue Writing, Reading Comprehension
Unit-V Textual Lesson – 6 (8 Hours)
Note Making, Précis Writing
Text Prescribed: Part – I (Communicate – Units 1 to 6 only) of
? Creative English for Communication, N. Krishnaswamy & T. Sriraman. Macmillan
India Ltd. (2005 version)
Supplementary Reading:
Current English for Colleges, N. Krishnaswamy & T. Sriraman. Macmillan.
Examine Your English, Margaret Maison. Macmillan.
Note: Figures in parentheses indicate number of approximate expected hours of instruction.

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