GITAM University Genetic Engineering Syllabus

GITAM University Genetic Engineering Syllabus

 B.Tech. (BT) V Semester
Course Code : EURBT 504 Category: CE
Credits: 4 Hours : 3 per week

Isolation and purification of nucleic acids. History and Scope of Enzymes involved in DNA manipulation. Isolation of gene using restriction endonucleases, mechanical shearing. Restriction mapping, strategies for DNA ligation.

Cloning vectors: structure and properties of plasmids, cosmids, Ti and Ri plasmids, expression vectors, YAC, BAC, PAC and phagemids and vectors used for cloning in mammalian cells. Cloning strategies: Construction of recombinant vectors; Gene transfer methods for bacteria, plants and animals: Biological delivery systems and artificial delivery systems.

Expression of cloned genes in bacteria, yeast, animal and plant cells, synthesis of cDNA, construction and Screening of Genomic DNA and cDNA Libraries. Isolation of cloned genes, identification of recombinants; Methods of Sequencing of DNA and RNA, Preparation of labeled probes and primers.

Molecular Techniques involved in detection and their expression of genes in host: Southern, Northern, Western, Dot and Slot blots, In-situ hybridization. Advanced Techniques in gene expression and analysis: PCR and RT-PCR, DNA finger printing, RAPD, RFLP and AFLP.

RNA silencing: siRNA and anti sense RNA their design and applications, Applications of genetic engineering in medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental management and industry, Achievements, limitation and negativeaspects of genetic engineering.

Text Books:

1. Recombinant DNA 2nd ed.Watson et al., 1992. Freeman and Co.
2. Principles of Gene manipulation: an introduction to genetic engineering. Primrose,
Twyman and Old. 5th ed. 2001. Blackwell.
3. From genes to clones. Winneker
4. Gene cloning and DNA analysis, 4th ed. Brown, TA, Blackwell Science

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