GITAM University Fluid Mechanics Syllabus

GITAM University Fluid Mechanics Syllabus

 B.Tech. (BT) IV Semester
Course Code : EURBT404 Category: CE
Credits: 3 Hours : 3 per week
Units and dimensions, dimensional analysis, similarity, types of fluids, hydrostatic pressure, pressure distribution in a static fluids, pressure measuring devices.
Introduction to fluids in motion, concept of stream lines, stream tubes, viscosity, types of fluids, flow in boundary layers, its formation and growth in tubes and on plates, basic equations of fluid flow continuity, momentum and Bernouli’s equation.
Flow of incompressible fluids in pipes, relation between skin friction – wall shear, laminar flow in pipes, Hagen-Poiseulle equation, turbulent flow in pipes, velocity distribution equation, friction factor, friction from changes in velocity or direction, flow of compressible fluids, basic equations, flow through variable area conduits, adiabatic and isothermal frictional flow.
Flow past immersed bodies, Drag, drag coefficient, friction in flow through beds of solids, motion of particles through fluids, its mechanics, terminal velocity, fluidization, mechanism of fluidization, pressure drop in fluidization, applications of fluidization.
Transportation and metering of fluids, pumps, fans, blowers and compressors, reciprocating, rotary and centrifugal pumps. Flow measuring devices, venturi meter, orifice, pitot tube, rotameter, notches and weirs.

Text Book:
1. Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering – Warren L.Mc.Cabe and Julian C.Smith 5th Edition.

Reference Books:

1. Unit Operations. Brown et al., 1995 CBS.
2. Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer. Knudsen and Katz.

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