GITAM University Environmental Biotechnology Syllabus

GITAM University Environmental Biotechnology Syllabus

 B.Tech. (BT) V Semester
Course Code : EURBT 506 Category: CE
Credits: 3 Hours : 3 per week
Sources of wastewater, characteristics of wastewater; disposal standards; health
hazard due to pollution.
Conventional Physical, Chemical unit operations / unit processes, Scresns, Grit
chambers, Primary and Secondary clarifiers.
Aerobic Biological Treatment Processes: Attached and Suspended Film Growth
processes, Trickling filter, Design, Types, Activated Sludge Process, Types, Design,
Anaerobic Suspended / Attached Growth Processes, Anaerobic filter, Upward
Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor – Design.
Solid waste management, Sources of solid waste, characteristics of solid waste, waste
disposal, landfilling, landfill gas generation, recovery, aerobic and anaerobic
composting, Recovery and reuse, recycling.

Text Book:

Environmental Biotechnology, T.Srinivas, New-Age Publications, New Delhi (2008)

Reference Books:

1. Environmental Engineering, Howard S.Peavy, Donal R.Rowe and George
Tchobanoglous, 1985. McGraw Hill Book Company.
2. Environmental Biotechnology : Principles and Applications, Bruce E.Rittmann and
Perry L.Mc Carty, 2001. Mc Graw Hill Company.

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