Digital Systems Design EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Digital Systems Design EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar


EC-361 Digital Systems Design [3 0 0 3]

Introduction to Digital Design Concepts: Review of digital design fundamentals, minimization and design of combinational circuits, sequential machine fundamentals. Clocked Sequential Finite State machines: State diagram, analysis of synchronous circuits, derivation ofstate graphs and tables, reduction of state tables, state assignment, design of sequence detectors, serial data code conversion, design of synchronous sequential state machine, design and applications of counters and shift registers.


Multiinput System Controllers Design: System controller, controller design principles, timing and frequency considerations, DFD development, controller architecture design, asynchronous input handling, state assignment concepts, flip-flop level implementation using VEM’s. Sequential Design using LSI & MSI circuits: Using decoders, multiplexers in sequential circuits, sequential
network design using ROMs, PLAs and PALs, Programmable gate Arrays (FPGAs).


Asynchronous Sequential Finite State Machines: Introduction, analysis of asynchronous networks, races and cycles, derivation of primitive flow tables, reduction of primitive flow tables, state assignments, hazards, asynchronous sequential network design.

VHDL: Why VHDL? Basic Language Elements, Data objects, classes and data types, operators, overloading, logical operators, VHDL representation of Digital design entity and architectural declarations, introduction to behavioral, dataflow and structural models.

Books Recommended

1. Fletcher William I, “An Engineering Approach to Digital Design”, Third Indian reprint, PHI,
2. Morris Mano M, “Digital Design”, 3rd Edition, Pearson Education (2002).
3. Navabi Z, “VHDL-analysis and modeling of digital systems”, McGraw Hill.
4. Skahill Kevin, “VHDL for Programmable Logic”, First Indian Reprint, Pearson Education (2004).
5. Charles H. Roth Jr., “Fundamentals of Logic Design”, 4th Edition, Jaico Publishers (2002).

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