Data Structures and Algorithms EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Data Structures and Algorithms EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

 CS-206 Data Structures and Algorithms [2 0 0 2]

Introduction: Basic Terminology, Elementary Data Organization, Structure operations, Algorithm
Complexity and Time-Space trade-off Arrays: Array Definition, Representation and Analysis, Single and Multidimensional Arrays, address calculation, application of arrays, Character String in C++, Character string operation, Array as Parameters,Ordered List, Sparse Matrices and Vectors.
Stacks: Array Representation and Implementation of stack, Operations on Stacks: Push & Pop, Array Representation of Stack, Linked Representation of Stack, Operations Associated with Stacks, Application of
stack: Conversion of Infix to Prefix and Postfix Expressions, Evaluation of postfix expression using stack.
Queues: Array and linked representation and implementation of queues, Operations on Queue: Create, Add, Delete, Full and Empty, Circular queues, D-queues and Priority Queues.
Linked list: Representation and Implementation of Singly Linked Lists, Two-way Header List, Traversing and Searching of Linked List, Overflow and Underflow, Insertion and deletion to/from Linked Lists, Insertion and deletion Algorithms, Doubly linked list, Linked List in Array, Polynomial representation and addition, Generalized linked list, Garbage Collection and Compaction.
Trees: Basic terminology, Binary Trees, Binary tree representation, Algebraic Expressions, Complete Binary Tree, Extended Binary Trees, Array and Linked Representation of Binary trees, Traversing Binary trees, Threaded Binary trees, Traversing Threaded Binary trees, Huffman algorithm.
Graphs: Terminology & Representations, Graphs & Multi-graphs, Directed Graphs, Sequential
Representations of Graphs, Adjacency Matrices, Traversal, Connected Component and Spanning Trees, Minimum Cost Spanning Trees.

Books Recommended –

1. Horowitz and Sahani, “Fundamentals of data Structures”, Galgotia Publication Pvt. Ltd., New
2. R. Kruse etal, “Data Structures and Program Design in C”, Pearson Education Asia, Delhi-2002
3. A. M. Tenenbaum, “Data Structures using C & C++”, Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
4. Bruno R Preiss, “Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Oriented Design Pattern in C++”,
Jhon Wiley & Sons, Inc.
5. Gilberg Forozan , “Data Structure – A pseudo code approach with C++”, Cengage Learning, New Delhi.

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