CUSAT Previous Question Papers Engineering Physics June 2007

Engineering Physics April 2007

Time: 3 Hrs
Max marks:100
1. What is the difference b/w interference & diffraction of light?
2. For a plane diffraction grating with 5000 lines per cm used at normal incidence.
1.What is the largest wavelength of light for which a spectrum can be observed?
2. For wave length of 60 00 angstrom what is the highest order of the spectrum that
can be observed?
3. What is packing factor& unit cell?
4. Explain the principle of holography.
5. State& explain Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.
6. Explain Vector atom model & its concepts.
7. What is dispersive power of a grating? Obtain an expression for dispersive power.
8. Calculate the thickness of a quarter wave plate for light of wavelength 5896 angstrom.
The refractive indices for ordinary & extra ordinary rays being 1.54& 1.55


9. Describe the theory , construction & working of Michelson’s interferometer .How can
it used to measure length?
10. What is optical activity ? Explain Laurent’s half shade polarimeter.
11. Outline the principle & working of He- Ne laser? What is stimulated emission? How
does it differ from spontaneous emission?
12. What is the principle of optic fibre?
13. Derive the Schrondinger time independent equation.

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