CUSAT Previous Question Papers Engineering Graphics April 2007

CUSAT Previous Question Papers

Engineering Graphics April 2007

 Time: 3 Hrs                                                                                                                                                                                                              Max marks:100
1. (a) Construct a diagonal scale of R.F =1/50 to read upto 1/100th of a metre & to
measure a maximum length of 7 meters . Mark a length of 5.45 m on it.
b) Draw the involute of a circle of diameter 30 mm.
2. a) The distance b/w the end projectiles of line AB is 60mm apart. End A is 15mm
above HP & 30mm in front of VP. The end B is 35mm above HP & 10mm in front
of VP. Draw the projections of the line & find its true length & inclinations with HP
& VP.
3. a) A hexagonal plate of side 30mm is resting on one of its edges on VP which is
inclined at 40 degrees to HP. Its surface is inclined at 35 degrees to VP. Draw its
4. a) A pentagonal pyramid ,side of base 25 mm & height 60mm rests on one of its slant
edges on HP such that its axis is parallel to VP. Draw its projections.
5. b) A cone of base diameter 50 mm & height 55mm is resting on its base on HP It is cut
by a section plane perpendicular to VP, inclined at 45 degrees to HP & passing
through a point on the axis 30mm below the vertex. Draw the projections of the cone
& find the true shape of the cut surface.
6. A triangular prism of side 60mm & height 100mm has its axis vertical & a face
perpendicular to VP. IT is penetrated by another triangular prism of side 40mm &
length 80mm. The axes of the 2 prisms are parallel to VP& intersect each other at their
mid- points. The top face of the horizontal prism is horizontal. Draw the curves of
7. A pentagonal pyramid of side of base 30mm & height 60mm stands with its base on
HP such that one of its base edges is parallel to VP. It is cut by a section plane
perpendicular to the VP, inclined at 30 degrees to HP & bisecting the axis. Draw the
development of the cut solid.
8. Draw the isometric view of a cone resting over a vertical cylinder. The diameter of
cylinder is 45 mm & height 55mm. The base diameter & height of the cone are same as
that of the cylinder.
9. A rectangular pyramid of base 60mm by 45mm & altitude 65mm rests with its base on
the ground plane. One corner of the base is 20 mm to the left of the eye & is in the PP.
The 60mm side of the base recedes from the PP towards the right at an angle of
inclination of 40 degrees with PP. The eye is 100 mm from the PP & 80 mm above the
ground plane. Draw the perspective of the pyramid.

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